Updating an oak kitchen

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Updating an oak kitchen

Using unified decor with a consistent ‘colour/finish palette’ can really help to update a kitchen or bathroom with oak cabinets.

I hope that you all got to enjoy some fun in the sun this weekend!

I’d been picturing this exact table, well my made over version of it, in our kitchen since the day we bought this house.

This one was listed for , which wasn’t exactly a bad price for the perfect table, but knows that you don’t just hand over asking price when you buy something second hand … Thinking I’d end up at , I went in with a low ball offer of , which didn’t sound so terrible to me, until the reply came back from an email that my husband recognized … I mean I could have offered the I had originally told Brady I would until he talked me out of it (it would appear I’m the bad.

) we don’t really even I’d go for high contrast on the walls. More traditional colors like yellow-gold or red can tend to make oak cabinets even more yellow but a deep gray will tone that down.

All of it goes against the traditional oak cabinets, and it somehow all works. Changing outdated lighting is a quick way to update your kitchen.

Confessions of a Serial DIY’er has a great ‘how-to’ as does my gal Tamara over at Provident Home Design.

So I’m going to show you a super easy way to skip those steps and still update wood furniture. The finish was nice enough just not the right shade for me.

Besides using Chalk Paint®, I’m going to show you how to either refresh a piece of stained furniture or change the color completely. It did stay like this for a few months until I decided whether I would paint or refinish it. I wanted it a darker color of stain but didn’t want to go through that whole process. I blended these two shades until I came up with the color I wanted. I don’t think I ever just use anything as it comes.

With cup style pulls and decorative handles, her kitchen looks warm and inviting!

Via Julie Blanner Now the cathedral style door (as shown above with the arched top) is the hardest look to update as a shaker style/square frame is a more modern style.

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I guess in a perfect world, we’d all have gleaming white kitchens. At first, I didn’t even notice that it looks like they left the original hardware on the cabinets in the photo above.

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