The most intimidating fans Pinkcam web chat free

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The most intimidating fans

Tiger Stadium, LSU Tiger Stadium, or “Death Valley” to some, is perhaps the most dangerous place to play in college football.

LSU packs the gigantic stadium with over 100,00 screaming Tiger loyalists.

Nicknames such as “Green Hell” and “Le Chaudron” (the Chauldron) should paint the picture.

Hostility is not necessarily the only factor that can be intimidating in a stadium.

Or go to Houston where all the Oiler fans either died or became Titans fans and the Titans fans are all old Oiler fans or toothless.

Come to Carolina or Atlanta some day where the opposition fans sometimes outnumber the home fans. Go to Arizona where the retirees all follow Northern teams.

their stadium was similar to Giants stadium and most I've been to.

Probably pretty scary, but that was exactly what intimidating MLB pitcher Randy Johnson did.

Not to mention thousands of screaming fans hoping to watch you fail.

College football fans are some of the loudest and proudest in the sporting world today, and these college’s stadiums and their fans are the most intimidating to visit on game day.

I was happy to see that the Giants not only made the list (I was surprised) but was ranked higher than the Jets. is the quietest stadium I have ever been in (I've only been to 5 or 6, so not the greatest sample), and it's predecessor (Sullivan Stadium) or whatever it wound up being called was quiet too. Unfortunately I havnt been to Arrowhead or Denver but I assume they'd be up there Imho, in all the years of following this, I find the Packers, Steelers, Bears, Browns and Giants fans as the most knowledgeable I have met through the years.

SI polled 321 NFL players to come up with the top 15 most intimidating NFL crowds. I firmly believe most people who complain about Giants fans either don't ever go to other stadiums, or they are obnoxious jackasses wondering why everyone isn't as obnoxious as they are. Baltimore (just scary when you're on offense) Philly is a bunch of insecure fans who scream meaningless insults, and Green Bay can get loud but their fans are just too nice to be intimidating.

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This list of the most intimidating athletes in recent memory ranks the top sports stars and players from any sport who simply scared the pants off their opponents.

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