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Onlinedatingcafe com

A young Norwegian couple think they have found the way to save the world's rainforests.What better way to raise money to help the environment, than by starting a pornography Web site?The new pieces commissioned by Dark Inventions by Philip Cashian, Stef Conner, Benjamin Gait, Patrick John Jones, Martin Schueregger and myself will feature in one of two collections to be published by UYMP in early 2015.has been presenting a tour across the North of England featuring new contemporary pieces alongside fresh arrangements of traditional folk songs.

And far from being scared away by the Norwegian court, the couple has now set up shop in what they hope will be a slightly more liberal environment: Berlin.

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You can listen to Chris in conversation with Suzy Klein, along with live performances from the ensemble, on BBC i Player here.

, will be premiered on Dark Inventions Firewheel Tour 2014 from 8-.

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