Intimidating and threatening boss

Posted by / 01-Apr-2016 03:36

Today's workplace is about as challenging as it's ever been.

Not only are people being laid off left and right, but those who have kept their jobs have had to re-assess their standing amidst unsettling reorganizations.

Now, years later, I realize what I should have done: earned their respect by ignoring their yelling and standing behind my choices.

For example, I knew that if a customer wanted a label that was “flood-coated” with fluorescent ink then we would have to run our press slower.

But if it's something else, such as simply how she chooses to manage people, then you need to spend as much time as you can reaching out to your contacts and colleagues within the company to test your level of support. The two brothers that ran the company were arrogant, obnoxious, intimidating, and threatening. I once worked for a privately-owned family business, about a hundred years of the same family owning it.You want to know that all your relationships are positive and that there's no apparent gaps in your performance -- and if there are, to shore them up.The goal is to keep a very positive circle of people around you who might be able to support you in case your boss starts to say or do something negative.

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Perhaps he was thinking that he could get her fired right now.